Eikon, a modern homage to Italian craftsmanship

Eikon – Classe evoluta

New in concept, because it produces using innovative methods and processes and inspired by craftsmanship, with a limited production and not replicable through normal industrial processes for the production of floors and walls.

Eikon embodies the values of Italian exclusivity, values that go from the maniacal care of design to the quality guaranteed by the high standards of the ceramic district of Sassuolo-Fiorano.

Inspiration and the creation of unique decorations.

The Eikon collections are born from art and ancient traditions.

Each collection has a leitmotif in common, a root that sinks into the folds of history, art and cultur,e to give decoration aesthetic and metaphorical values that are always new and interesting.

Beyond any appeal, the Eikon collections are designed to be beautiful. To amaze and at the same time comfort, to make the rooms unique and elegant.


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