A new concept of decoration

Third firing decorated tiles

Deco art was born from Eikon ceramiche’s constant search for interior decoration solutions, a passion that has always characterized the company, emphasizing the importance of this element within all proposed projects.


For all those who appreciate the functionality of ceramic tile but do not want to limit their imagination.

Special attention to new trends in interior design has led to the creation of aesthetically avant-garde products, both in terms of the technologies used and the qualities of the support on which they are made: porcelain stoneware, a guarantee of hygiene and practicality of use.

Porcelain stoneware embellished with decorative materials applied in third fire for a textural and three-dimensional effect.


The walls turn into canvases, where thoughts, dreams, journeys take shape and life of their own.

28 decorations to unleash your creativity.

Change the appearance of any space.


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